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In an era of relentless globalization, the race to embrace innovation and digitization defines success for companies. At SOLTECHPR, we're dedicated to empowering businesses to navigate this transformation with agility and efficiency. We tackle the hurdles of inefficiency and manual operations head-on.

Our Mission

At SOLTECHPR, we empower our clients to reduce costs, boost efficiency, and focus on value-driven initiatives through comprehensive digitization and expert professional services. Our offerings span data management and visualization, dynamic analytics solutions, robotic-programming automation, artificial intelligence, lean six sigma process improvements, adept project management, and enriching training and seminars. Additionally, we provide specialized consulting and compliance support to ensure seamless operations. Partner with SOLTECHPR for innovative solutions and professional excellence, driving streamlined growth and success.

Our Goal

At SOLTECHPR, our goal is to help clients reduce costs, enhance efficiencies, and focus resources on value-added activities through comprehensive digitization and professional services. We offer data management and visualization, advanced analytics solutions, robotic-programming automation, artificial intelligence, lean six sigma process improvements, project management, and extensive training and seminars. Our expert consulting and compliance support ensure smooth and efficient operations. Partner with us to drive innovation, operational excellence, and sustainable growth.

Meet Our Team

Soltech's Founders

Collectively boasting over 23 years of immersive experience in Medical Devices and Biotechnology, we stand as industry trailblazers. Equipped with profound project management experience, lean methodologies finesse, strategic deployment mastery, and financial acumen, our team emerges as the epitome of expertise.

What sets us apart is not just our skill set, but our ability to be your best resource for project management and seamless digital transformation. Proficient in deploying tools like Smartsheet, VBA Programming, and GtmHub, we transcend functional barriers to sculpt holistic solutions. Our unparalleled grasp of the industry allows us to seamlessly translate your challenges into cost-effective resolutions, fostering your success.

Emmanuel Santiago
Co-Founder & President

Emmanuel Santiago

Jesus Berrios
Co-Founder & Vice-President

Jesus Berrios

Leardership Team

SoltechPR is proud to have a leadership team of exceptional caliber. Our well-rounded leaders bring a diverse blend of professional backgrounds and robust expertise in people management, project management, manufacturing, supply chain, quality, operational excellence, and more. This dynamic combination ensures we provide holistic and effective solutions tailored to your business needs.


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